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Blue, Green, Yellow, Dead… Live! is a Live Action Zombie Maze Paintball Game launched by
Regent Park Studios, Morecambe, Lancashire, in December 2012.


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It’s dark and claustrophobic in the maze – You have a mission to find three vials:
Blue… Green… Yellow… If you don’t you could end up DEAD!


Time is short and you are armed with a high quality Paintball Gun… Inside the maze you will find traps, falls, trips, confined spaces and dead-ends and if that isn’t enough there are Zombie! Have you the Guts to find the vials, beat the zombies and your own fears?


When the game is not live you can still check back over the footage on the page.
If you download your footage and put it on YouTube then please credit us and send us the link.


Keep an eye on our ‘facebook’ page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-Green-Yellow-DEAD-LIVE/148404751925451


Where we will keep you informed of updates, events and running times.
Please feel free to leave us comments, messages and feedback.


Level 1: £7.50 per person
Searcher Game – No guns, Just find the vials!


Level 2: £10.00 per person
Co-operative Game – Guns with 30 shots for shooting the Zombies.
Plus air, mask and full pad suit if required. You must work together to find the vials!


Level 3: £12.50 per person
Full Competitive Game, shoot anyone including each other in a race to find all three vials!
Guns with 45 shots and air, mask and full pad suit if required.


LEVEL 4: £15.00 per person.
The Hitman Game. Level 3 but with the bonus of you will be hunted down by The Hitman
– A game not for the faint of heart! 60 shots.


Extra paintballs available are available at the beginning of your game at £3 for a full vial.


Each game last approximately 1 hour, including a 15-20 minute briefing and a 40 minutes in The Zone.


N.B. For group bookings you need to pay a non refundable deposite of £30.00


Location Map

Address:              93 Regent Road, LA3 1AF Morecambe, United Kingdom

Telephone:           01524 419 861 or 07976 213 812

Email:                  mjs3@sky.com


6.00pm – 7:00pm
7.30pm – 8.30pm


4.30pm – 5.30pm


N.B.Please check on our facebook or by calling us to check for variations on times or for any special arrangements.
We look forward to seeing you soon.